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     July 20,  2015



Emergency declared in Chitral, Flood Damages detail issued by PDMA

Press Release

CHITRAL: Glacial lake outburst, Cloud outburst and Flash floods hit different parts of District Chitral at midnight 16th July, 2015 causing extensive damages to houses, mosques, bridges, roads, irrigation and water channels. The communication infrastructure has also been severely affected. Fortunately, in all this devastation, human loss of life has been minimum with only two deaths reported so far. A sizeable portion of population has been cut off which necessitates immediate restoration of roads and bridges.

Damage Infrastructure Detail is as under;


Nature of Damage

Locality / Valleys


Full Damage






1.    Bumborate to Ayun Road washed away at Oshaan and Dobasch (100m each).

2.       Birirvally Road

3.       Rumboor to Ayun Road

4.       Dobash to Rumboor Road (2&3 Km)

5.       Dobash to Bamorate Road (hillside slips & retaining walls at various locations)

6.       ShishiKoh to Madaklasht Road (washed away at LaaviGol, 150 m length).

7.       Garamchashma Road blocked at Shghore, Shali, Seen Lasht, Pachilli and Singore).

8.       Main Chitral-Boni Road at Koragh 300 m at KM#64 and KM$46 to KM#48.

9.       Reshun Powerhouse Road.

10.    Chitral-Drosh West Road at Dome ShoghoreChitral, Orghouch heavy flood, Drosh Area.

11.    RaeenGol Road Trukow Road (partial damages)

12.    Road retaining structures washed away at Reshun (BoniMastuj Road).





1.       Damages to Suspension bridge at Osaik&Drosh

2.       Suspension bridge at Shoogoor washed away

3.       02 Bridges on Brughal Road

4.       Bridge on Rech Road

5.       BoniGol Bridge

6.       Awi Bridge

7.       Suspension bridge connecting Koragh and Koshar Valley.

8.       RCC Bridge at GoldehBroze and Approach roads.





Damage to Intake of Chitral Power House, power supply suspended in Chitral. Local Electricity line in Broze, Shali are also damaged. Rumboor Powerhouse.

Water Supply




WSS Juhhore, ChitralGol, BrozeDrosh, Bumborate, Ayun, Koghuzi and Gaherait are damaged due to flood.

Other Public Buildings




Chitral Scouts Mess Bumburate sustained partial damage. Mosque in Shali have also been completely damaged.

Water level in River Chitral at different locations is rising with continuous rainfall. Embankments at vulnerable points are required to protect communities from overflow of river and nullahsin the above mentioned affected areas.

            The available machineries and manpower have been deployed for temporary opening of suspended traffic to restore communication with cut-off areas. The quantum of work requires heavy machinery at the disposal of district administration. District administration is in dire need of technical expertise and heavy machinery from National Highway Authority to augment the efforts and resources of Works & Services Department (C&W and PHE). C&W Department Chitral has no approved AOM&R contract agreement for CFY 2015-16, therefore the response to the emergency will be initiated with available machinery and staff with the help of AOM&R Contractors for the last year (2014-15), wherein authorization from KPPRA is required for immediate response to the emergency satiation for deployment of additional resources.

            Water supply to Chitral town has not been restored, while temporary arrangement of water supply through water tankers have been carried out. Immediate restoration of water supply channel of Chitral Town is under process.

            Irrigation Department has been tasked to immediately start channelization and clearance of debris from DroshGol, KalkatakGol and Chukidam.

            Chief Municipal Officer has been tasked for proper arrangement for drinking water supply from GolenGol water supply line and start work on AngharGhon WSU on emergent basis.

            District Administration has started restoration of cut off sites from limited available resources. PDMA has authorized Deputy Commissioner to utilize the relief fund for relief activities. While, Revenue staff has been deputed to the sites for detailed assessments and verification of damages. Director NHA has also visited Chitral and NHA has cleared the main road for traffic.

            PDMA is continuously monitoring the situation and is in constant loop with all the stakeholders concern to restore public facilities in the affected areas. PDMA has also entrusted District Administration with the requisite funds for relief activities.   

Meanwhile on behalf of Provincial Government, Secretary Relief and Rehabilitation Authority and Director General PDMA directed Deputy Commissioner Chitral to declare emergency in Chitral. DG PDMA has also directed Deputy Commissioner Chitral to onboard/to call on duty all line departments including revenue, C & W, Irrigation department, PHE, Health and Education to assist District Administration in relief and restoration activities. PDMA KP has already released the relief funds to provide support to the affected people and to provide food/non-food items on immediate basis. The District Administration is providing the medical relief/tents/food and non-food items to the flood affected population, in case, any further assistance and fund is needed so provincial government is ready to cope up with the emergency situation.
Funds were provided by PDMA to restore the private channel of Shishi Drosh Chitral on emergency basis.
As per instructions by PDMA, DC Chitral is on site for channelization and clearance of debris from Drosh Gol, KalkatakGol and Chukidam.
Available machineries/manpower has been deployed for temporary opening of suspended traffic by the C&W Department Chitral.
Army engineering Corp is requested to provide heavy machinery for the rehabilitation and restoration of the damaged roads of Bamburate and Sub-Division Mastuj, which will be provided tomorrow.
PDMA provided funds to Public Health Engineering for restoration of all water supply schemes and the work has been started on 17-07-2015.
Furthermore, Secretary RRS and DG PDMA are in constant coordination with National High Way authority , C&W, Irrigation department for the restoration of cut-off links, and washed-away bridges.



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