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     July 09,  2015



Provincial Minister Mines and Mineral arrested

Chitral Times Report

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ehtesab Commission has arrested the incumbent Provincial Minister for Mines and Minerals Mr. Zia Ullah Afridi against strong evidence that suggests misappropriation of funds and misuse of authority.

Zia Ullah Afridi is politically affiliated with the ruling party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf.
According to proof and evidence attained by the Ehtesab Commission, Mr. Zia Ullah Afridi is involved in misappropriation of funds that has caused loss worth Billions of Rupees to the Provincial Government.
It may be worth mentioning here that the DG mines and minerals is already under arrest and undergoing investigation in the same case by Ehtesab Commission Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Minister will be presented before the Ehtesab Court for further legal action with evidence suggesting illegal use of authority, misappropriation of funds, favouritisms in appointments and transfers in the department.


NAB (KP) Arrests Nawab Zada Mehmood Zeb the then Minister for Technical Education, Manpower, Industries and Mineral Deptt (KP) and 09 others in Misuse of Authority

Chitral Times Report

PESHAWAR: NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa today arrested accused Nawab Zada Mehmood Zeb Ex-Minister for Technical Education, Manpower, Industries and Mineral Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa along-with following 09 officials of Administration and Mineral Deptt Khyber Pakhtunkhwa allegedly involved in illegal allotment of Govt Reservoirs of phosphate to Rukhsana Javed School Teacher and thus caused a colossal loss of approximately Rs.360.00 Million: -

1. Accused Shah Wali Khan, the then Secretary to the Government (KP) Technical Education, Manpower, Industries and Mineral Development.
2. Accused Asmatullah Khan Gandapur, the then Additional Secretary Mineral Development Deptt (KP) presently Commissioner Bannu Division.
3. Accused Farhad Ali, the then Section Officer.
4. Accused Khan Badsha the then Deputy Director Mineral Deptt.
5. Accused Nauroz Khan Sernior Geologist, Directorate General of Mines & Mineral.
6. Accused Ziarat Khan Serior Inspector of Mines presently Commissioner Mines.
7. Accused Shakirullah the then Director Licensing Mineral Deptt.
8. Accused Perveiz Khan, Assistant Director (Litigation) Mineral Deptt.
9. Accused Ehtisham-ul-Mulk, Assistant Director Technical College Hayatabad Peshawar.

During the course of inquiry/investigation it was revealed that Sarhad Development Authority held an area of 1200 acres of phosphate under Mining Lease from 1985 to 2005. The area was surrendered back in 2005 and was required to be put through open auction being proven despite as per Mining Concession Rules (MCR) 2005. A lady school teacher namely Rukhsana Javed applied for prospecting license (PL) of the above stated land in 2004 however that application was rejected. The lady went into litigation against the department for the said rejection.

However in 2008 Nawab Zada Mehmood Zeb in connivance with other co-accused including Accused Shah Wali Khan, the then Secretary and Asmatullah Khan Gandapur, the then Additional Secretary and others went beyond the lawful limits for ensuring the unlawful allotment of 500 acres to Rukhsana Javed through PL. The then Minister used to issue illegal directives to the officials regarding the processing of this specific PL as per his wishes despite rejection already approved from his department as evident from the record. All the other accused persons used to get directives from the Minister regarding the processing of this specific PL and paved the way for his malafide intensions. Taking a total U turn, the department accepted the offer of settlement from the lady and constituted an illegal settlement committee on the orders of Secretary. The committee interestingly recommended 500 acres from the above stated 1200 acres for prospecting license to the lady in exchange for withdrawal of court cases. In total contravention of the rules of business Nawab Zada Mehmood Zeb chairing a meeting on 01-01-2009 approved the illegal recommendations of the above committee. Vested interests of the Minister was evident from the fact that even before approval of the said lease agreement was signed between the lady (lessee) and Ehtisham-ul-Mulk front man and cousin of the Minister.

In nutshell accused Nawab Zada Mehmood Zeb the then Minister and all other accused persons misused their authorities in the illegal allotment of 500 acres of proven deposit of phosphate to Rukhana Javed who illegally excavated phosphate in collaboration with Ehtisham-ul-Mulk the first cousin of the then Minister and jointly caused a loss of Rs.360.00 Million to the National Exchequer.

The accused persons will be produced before the Accountability Court Peshawar for obtaining their physical remand.



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