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     July 09,  2015



Trophy sized kashmir markhor electrocutes in Toshi Shaha game reserve Chitral

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL.: A trophy sized kashmir markhor was electrocuted in Kilishpi pasture of Toshi Shaha game reserve here in early hours of Wednesday when its horns hit the abysmally low lying live transmission line of hydro-power station run by the local community.

Divisional forest officer, wild life division Chitral, Imtiaz Hussain told Chitral Timesthat the hump above the tail and the right ear of the animal were found to have been burnt by the electric current passing through the high tension wires.

He said that the length of the 10-year animal was measured to be 43 inches and it was one of the animals marked for trophy hunting in the conservancy last year of which a 42-inches markhor was hunted by an American hunter paying 10.05 million rupees as hunting permit.

Mr. Hussain said that the markhors markhors migrate to the high altitudes with the advent of summer season and increase in the intensity of heat in its habitat in low areas and the deceased animal was also migrating to the higher places.

He said that the transmission lines of the community run power station are potential danger to the animals which are hardly few feet high above the ground and they transversally pass through the route which the markhor adopt in the course of migration to the higher altitudes.

“There are fifteen more markhors of trophy size with lengths measureing more than 36 inches in the area of Killishpi pasture and more may face the same fate but the local community is not bothered to heighten the line which had also caused the death of a minor girl of the village last year”.

“The death of the animal is tantamount to the loss of 10 million rupees both to the local community and the government as its hunting permit has exceeded the amount last year out of which 80 percent goes to the local community for their collective development through the village conservation committees”, he added.

The carcass of the dead markhor was brought to the divisional office of wildlife where post mortem of the body was carried out by veterinary doctor Dr. Shiekh Ahmed of livestock department who verified the death of the animal by electrocution.

The stuffed hide of the animal along with its horns and head will be sent to Peshawar head office for its preservation and showcasing in the museum, Mr. Imtiaz said.



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