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     July 02,  2015



Remembering Captain Ajmal Shaheed

Dr. InayatullahFaizi

The prospectus of Chitral Model College, the alma mater, carries a rare photograph of Captain Muhammad Ajmal Khan Shaheed, an illustrious alumnus. The officer of Pak Army embraced martyrdom in an encounter with terrorists in the operation area of Tirahvalley during operation Khyber II on 30th April 2015. His funeral in ancestral graveyard in Zanglasht village TorkhowChitral was specially attended by Army high ups headed by GOC Swat Maj.Gen Nadir Khan. His NamazeJanaza at Garrison Mess Peshawar was attended by Governor Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan and Corp. Commander Lt.Gen. HidayaturRehman.

Captain Ajmal was a brilliant officer with outstanding stature of "6 feet 3 inches height, fair complexion and bright eyes. He used to lead his solders from the front and on the day of Shahadat he was in forefront to face the terrorists in a search operation.

Captain Ajmal was born on 4th March 1987 in a middle class family of Baikey tribe in Torkhow,Chitral Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. His father Muhammad Ghazi Khan is a school teacher. His family has a track record of soldiery and bravery. His grand fatherJanan Ghazi Joined Chitral Scouts and took part in Kashmir war in 1948. Two brothers of his grand father Abdul Khan and Muhammad Wazir Khan along with his great grand father, Abad Khan; also took part in kashmir war (1948) in the contingent of Chitral state body guard. The family is also proud of many martyrs including Nawab Khan Shaheed (1948) and Mir Sultan Shaheed (1971).

Captain Ajmal Shaheed received his early education from Govt. Primary School Zanglasht. Later he attended GHS Shagram, Muslim Public School Nowshera, Chitral Public School, Chitral Model College and Islamia College Peshawar. In 2007 he was selected for regular commission in Pak Army. During his stay at PMA Kakul, the gentleman cadet belonged to Qasimcompany. He was goal keeper of the football team. He was member of flag party and part of PMA contingent performing Guard Position at Mazare Quid Karachi. After passing out he joined 5-Sindh Regiment and his first posting was in Aiwan-e-Saddar Islamabad. For second posting in his career, he saw action at SiachinTheatre. On 15th April 2012, he updated his status on facebook and wrote "Another day for Siachin(Gyari) victims, yet no survivors, but who cares if a soldier dies, because this is what they are paid for. Today Asma Jahangir is worried about the defense budget, Hamid Mir is not happy with the ISI, KashifAbbasi is angry about why a soldier deserves a plot. They don't care if a soldier dies. He doesn't have a family, parents or emotions. He can't even compete with pseudo patriots who appear on TV shows and talk crape. Soldiers serving in Siachin were not born there, they don't have any personal enmity with India. They are there only for you, me and our beloved motherland. But who cares if a soldier dies". He was true. Local authorities of civil administration did not turn up for condolence with the bereaved family or the funeral of the Shaheed in Chitral. Local MPA had no time to condole with the bereaved family. On October 30,2012, Captain Ajmal again updated his status and wrote " I saw my enemy (India) very closely. If they dare to violate the ceasefire, surely they will see another Sher khan". While at Siachin, he studied commentaries of the Holy Quraan and selected books on Islamic philosophy. He was keen to embrace shahadat and always talked about the life Hereafter. On May 31, 2013, while leaving for Siachin after a short break, he updated his status as follows: "Leaving social life and going there, where nobody is with me except my loneliness. I love you my loneliness! you are so loyal to me. Hope you will not betray me. Bye every one". His last posting was in Okara, wherefrom he was deputed to operation area in Tirah valley. We last met in Islamabad on 9th April 2015 just 21 days before his martyrdom. He was on a short leave. Responding to a touchy and tricky question on the ongoing operation Khyber II, he told me that Pak Army was facing the same enemy be it at Siachin or Tirah valley, the man behind the gun is always Indian or their stooges. He was confident that under the brilliant command of Gen.Raheel Sharif, Pak Army will wipe out the enemy and clear our homeland from the terrorists. He clarified that in previous military operations, army was called back once an area was cleared.

Now army stays deployed even after clearing the area and it will not be pulled back unless the last terrorist is sent to the hell. Condoling with members of the bereaved family, Muhammad Ghazi khan, Yar Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Zafar Khan, Ahmaduddin advocate, Samiuddin, Rasheed Ahmad and captain Azharuddin, GOC Swat Major General Nadir Khan praised the valour of the martyred officer and said that the nation was proud of him. The GOC lapped Muhammad Rayyan Ghazi, the 4 year son of Captain Ajmal and reiterated that the child will get free education in prestigious institutions of the country. Talking to GOC Maj.Gen Nadir Khan, father of the Shaheed officer,Muahmmad Ghazi Khan said "martyrdom for the sake of motherland is a pride and I am proud for being father of a Shaheed. Corp Commander 31 Corp Bahawalpur Lt.GenJaved Iqbal and many other officers sent condolence letters to the bereaved family. Chief of Army staff Gen.RaheelSharif wrote in his letter dated 15th May 2015."

"Respected Muhammad Ghazikhan sb!
Your son captain Muhammad Ajmal Khan embraced Shahadat while performing his military duties few days back. We are for Almighty Allah and unto Him we will return. The exceptional courage and velour displayed by the Shaheed officer is a matter of pride for Pak Army and for myself. I do appreciate the velour, selflessness and sense of responsibility shown by the Shaheed officer".

The President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain in his condolence message of 5th June 2015 states; “The spirit of sacrifice, devotion and commitment to the motherland and professional excellence displayed by Capt Muhammad Ajmal Khan in discharge of his duties is a matter of immense pride for me. It is the supreme act of valour displayed by him and this Nation is proud of its illustrious son who laid down his life in defense of Pakistan.”

The personality of Captain Muhammad Ajmal Khan Shaheed was best described by his uncle, tutor and mentor Yar Muhammad Khan in the following words, " He was intelligent, obedient, sincere and humble soul. He believed in love and affection. An introvert in nature, he was not revengeful. Shahadat is always reward for such attributes".



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