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     June 30,  2015



Rs. 0.5 million spend on gifts for foreign dignitaries and guest at CM secretariat

Chitral Times Report

PESHAWAR: The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has contradicted the contents of a news item, published by the Daily Express Tribune, regarding expenditures of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat and the CM House.

Clarifying the factual position a spokesman of the CM Secretariat said that an amount of Rs. 0.5 million only was incurred on buying gifts for foreign dignitaries and guests during the fiscal year 2014-15, and the figure of 40 million rupees as reported by the paper on this account was totally unfounded.

About expenditures of the CM House during the current fiscal, the spokesman explained that every year Finance Department reflects a token amount of Rs.1000/- under the head of “purchase of machinery and equipments and furniture and fixture”, and then later on departments request for additional grants on case to case basis. Following the same mechanism the CM Secretariat had demanded additional grant of only six million rupees under the said head and the reported additional spending of 60 million rupees was not correct, added the spokesman.

Regarding allocation of Rs. 324 million for CM House for the next fiscal year, the spokesman informed that the amount was not only meant for the CM’s residence, but it also covers the pay and allowances of the employees of the CM Secretariat, CM House, Peshawar, and KP Houses in Islamabad and Nathiagali. Moreover the Finance Department makes 10% increase every year in operating charges.

The spokesman also denied the information about presence of 71 high ranking officers in the CM Secretariat and informed that there were only 35 officers of BS-17 and above working in the CM Secretariat. Moreover, he termed the information totally wrong that employees of the CM Secretariat were receiving 35 different allowances. He categorically stated that no additional allowances including the reported presidential allowance were being paid to the employees except what the Civil Secretariat Staff was getting. He added that the annual honoraria are paid to the CM Secretariat staff on the pattern of P&D, Finance and other concerned secretariat departments.

Similarly, the spokesman contradicted the report that the CM Secretariat had spent Rs. 26 million on gas and electricity and clarified that an amount of only 3.8 million rupees was spent against total allocation of Rs. 24.4 million under these heads thus saved a considerable amount of 20.6 million rupees during the current fiscal.

The Spokesman told that no expenditure on registration of vehicles was made in current closing fiscal explaining that finance department had mistakenly released an amount of 3.65 million which had been surrendered by the CM Secretariat. The actual figure of expenditures on POL of staff vehicles and helicopter of the CM Secretariat and the House remained 12.9 million rupees instead of the reported 15 million. While the reported information about alleged expenditure of 10.65 million on construction and repair was also found a fabricated one as no such civil work was carried out during the year. However, an amount of Rs. 12.2 million was spent on repair and maintenance of the vehicles which the paper claimed expenditure of Rs. 13.8 million in this respect, said the Spokesman.


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