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     June 18,  2015



Closing ceremony of ‘Preservation and Promotion of Indigenous Kho Culture in Northern Pakistan' project held

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: With the financial assistance of US AID, a number of solid steps were taken to preserve and promote the Kho culture in the Northern Pakistan were taken thereby attracting eco-tourists to the area to rejuvenate the moribund tourism industry.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the project ‘Preservation and Promotion of Indigenous Kho Culture in Northern Pakistan’, the team leader Dr. Inayatullah Faizi said that the project revived the components of both material and immaterial culture which has long been consigned to oblivion.

He said that with the participation of local community, it concentrated its interventions in eleven union councils having
distinct cultural traits and made elaborate arrangements for holding the forgotten festivals which included phindik, bi-nisik, ghari-nisik and pathak dik.

“The project also revived twelve handicrafts, twenty two items of local cuisines and eighteen folk sports with the help of twenty six local organizations.

He said that to obtain the objectives, competition of cooking the local cookery, folk sports were held while training were imparted in the old handicrafts with special focus on silk works which has been practiced in the area since long.

The main achievement of the project, he said, was the development of linkage between the local artisans and folk artists with Tourism Corporation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which will provide them with opportunities of taking part in the festivals and exhibitions on national and provincial levels.

He said that under the project launched in July August last, one hundred and eighteen persons were imparted with extensive training on art and culture which included folk dance, folk songs apart from carving and handicraft works.

Professor Rahmat Karim Baig, chief guest of the function, said that the culture of Chitral had a great potential to lure the tourists to come to the area if properly advertised.

He appreciated the role of the US AID funded project in the preservation and revival of Kho culture which had made plan to promote the Chitrali culture in its full and also.

Presiding the function, principal of Government High School Chitral, Mir Wali Khan also eulogized the project’s role and said that the new generation had almost forgotten its folk cultural traits which further changed their general behaviour.

“The people losing their cultural traits and norms also surrendered themselves to the new cultural pattern and chaos and confusion in such environment was inevitable and revival of the Kho cultural was the need of the day”, he said.

President of district bar association Sahib Nadir Khan Advocate, and the stake holders Attaullah Jan and Rahmat Nawaz also spoke on the occasion.



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