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     June 01,  2015



Candidates of Bumborate valley demands re-poling at GMS Shekhandeh

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The candidates of different seats in the recently held local bodies elections from Bumburate valley of Chitral have leveled serious allegations against the presiding officer of polling station at Government Middle School Shekhandeh and have demanded of the chief election commissioner to conduct fresh polling in the station.

Addressing a press conference flanked by dozens of candidates including Kalash women from the valley, Abdul Majeed Qureshi, a PTI leader and candidate of zilla council, said that they had nabbed red handed the presiding officer Muhammad Shakir while stamping the ballot paper of the candidate of his choice.

Showing the seal and the ballot papers to the journalists, he said that the presiding officer had crossed all limits of rigging to get the candidate of his choice elected and violated the rules and regulations making the polling in the polling station liable to be annulled.

Mr. Qureshi alleged that as per machination, he started the polling process in the morning late by one hour and continued it throughout the night for more than twenty hours incessantly and taking a chance, he went to one of the unused rooms of the polling station and started stamping the ballot papers.

He said that the returning officer did not bother to visit the polling station on the polling day to take notice of the gross misconduct of the polling staff which hampered free, fair and transparent election which was the slogan of the provincial government.

He also criticized the station house officer of the local police station who refused to register FIR against the presiding officer whose misconduct warranted the registration of criminal case against
They also complained the polling staff of yet another polling station in the valley established at Brun where the voters were denied the right of casting their votes who were present within the boundary of the polling station at 1700 hours (5o clock) due to which hundreds of voters specially Kalash women lost their rights of voting.

They demanded of the government and election commission to take due cognizance of the irregularities in the Kalash valley and order fresh polling there and take to task the erring polling staff who transgressed heir powers.



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