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     May 25,  2015



JUI and JI electoral alliance upset the other parties

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The electoral alliance of two religious political parties, Jamaat-e-Islami and JUI-F has unnerved the other popular political parties in the districts which had turned successful in the last general elections including PPP, All Pakistan Muslim League and PTI which made a number of aborted attempts to enter into counter alliance.

Out of twenty four wards of zilla council in the district, the religious alliance has fielded joint candidates in sixteen wards including Arandu, Ashrait, Drosh-I, Drosh-II, Sheshi Koh, Ayun, Broze, Chitral-I, Chitral-II, Denin, Koh, Oveer, Kosht, Mulkhow, Terich and Shagram.

The PPP and PTI have fielded candidates in 22 wards each while PTI in fifteen wards when the three parties decided to have make solo flights after their failure in forging a grand alliance against the religious parties. However, a seat adjustment alliance between PTI and APML in Denin ward and between APML and PPP in Drosh-II ward is witnessed.

The district leaders of different political parties are contesting elections in different wards of zilla council which included Maghfirat Shah of JI from Denin, Shahzada Khalid Parvaiz of APML from Drosh-II, Rahmat Ghazi and Abdul Latif of PTI from Booni and Oveer respectively and former MPA Maulana Abdur Rahman of JUI from Koh.

The wards of the district leaders has generated a large sum of heat during the electioneering process as the defeat of any of them is considered as his doom leading to closure of his political career for ever.

The alliance of the two religious political parties had done well in 2002 when they jointly won both the two seats of provincial assemblies and the sole seat of national assembly from Chitral with a thumping majority. The leaders of both JI and JUI are confident to return in almost all the sixteen wards to further win the coveted slot of district nazim.

Based on the number of votes won by the two parties in the last general election, the leader of JI, Maghfirat Shah, claimed that the triumph of the alliance was a reality while the people of the wards were demanding the alliance of the two.

He said that it was almost the same in the case of two tehsil councils in which the alliance candidates are poised to show the same result as that of zilla council.

The PPP has been the most popular party in Chitral which can be corroborated from the fact that the both the two constituencies of provincial assembly from the district are held by this party at present. The PPP MPAs from the area are striving hard to get a favorable result but the rift within the party ranks may impair it beyond redemption. A splinter group of the union nazims of PPP in the former zilla council, are against the party are supporting different candidate in their respective wards. It is worth mentioning here that the number of PPP nazim was sixteen in the last set up of district government. Similarly, the rebellion of sub-division Mastuj chapter of the party, Abus Lais Ramdasi and contesting election against the party candidate Amirullah Khan in Booni ward of zilla council is yet another example of disorder within the party ranks.

The PTI also stands divided into a number of factions which can hamper its victory and its leaders contesting elections are facing tough times in their respective wards. The political circles are of the view that the party may be out from the next phase of election for district and tehsil nazims.

The APML candidates may do well in a number of wards including Drosh-II, Yarkhun, Laspur, Karimabad and Khot where the party had gained highest percentage of total votes in the last general election and its candidate had been elected. The special affinity of the former president Parvaiz Musharraf for the people of Chitral may be cashed in by the candidates and the party leadership. The incumbent MNA shahzada Iftikharuddin is the only one to represent the party in the lower house of the parliament and has done a good job in telecommunication sector due to which the mobile telephone coverage is being extended to hundred percent area of the district.



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