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   August 31, 2015



Floods devastate Terich valley

Regarding the flood devastation all over Chitral it can be said a punishment from the Lord who did it selecting villages and hamlets while a number of lucky settlements remained unharmed. I extend my deepest sympathies with those who lost their dear ones in the relentless flush floods and valuable property. Many affected areas were highlighted widely and perhaps received due relief packages but unfortunately Terich valley of upper Chitral did receive one helicopter relief food of 21 bags of flour and equal nos of ghee , sugar and Dal for a population of 1100 families.The authorities of PDMA and NDMA never bothered to have an aerial view of the vast damages wrought by the floods and the flooding river that continued to wreak havoc for 25 days non stop. The main road was blocked and traffic came to a stand still. The local administration was helpless. The infrastructure has been up side down. All the irrigation channels were washed away, the hydal power houses were damaged, the water mills were annihilated, croplands were damaged and the remaining were rendered unfit to eat as they had sprouted before cutting.

Three houses were completely washed away and scores of goats and sheep were inundated in their pens and the whole of the flock was destroyed. The main road is still blocked at Simtich and traffic is not allowed by the owners of the lands till govt and the Revenue deptt. pay compensation to the lands owners. Another link road at Zondrangram has been occupied by the river as it changed its route and occupied the link road and made it its channel... This has also posed a threat to the building of the High school. The river at this point needs to be rediverted to its original bed by using heavy machinery and build the road and a protection wall for the school building.

All the channels have to be rehabilitated and some have been done by local people on self-help basis. Protection walls need to be built on both sides of the river to route it on its original bed and reclaim the lands that were laid waste by the river floods.

I hope the authorities will feel their responsibility and take action to connect the broken road as soon as possible before the affectees come to the street.

Rahmat Karim Baig



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