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   April  28, 2015



Residents of Laspure valley criticizes MoU between KP and GB ministers

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The residents of Laspur have vehemently criticized and turned down the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by the special advisor to chief minister on sports and tourism Amjad Afridi with Gilgit-Baltistan minister of sports regarding the Shandur festival this year saying that it had made the Shandur polo ground a disputed land.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, the elites Shahabuddin advocate, Dr. Inaayatullah Faizi, Qalandar Shah, Temor Khan, Sherdil Khan, Mir Karam Shah, Ali Madad Shah and others said that sports advisor had no authority to make such an imprudent and rash decision regarding the proprietorship of Shandur.

They reiterated that the Shandur Pass was still the pasture of the people of Laspur while the disputed area was the grazing field of Gogosh Langar situated beyond the Shandur Pass on the side of Ghizar district of Gilgit-Baltistan.

They alleged that the controversial MoU had been designed to ignite a clash between Chitral and Gilgit and this was the machination of Indian intelligence network which is proactive in GB.

They said that as per the MoU, the administration of Gilgit-Baltistan has been given equal share in the arrangement and administration of Shandur festival while in the historical perspective, the event has always been managed by Chitral since 1929 when the festival was held for the first time.

The elites of Laspur contended that the rest house of the former ruler of Chitral was situated in the Ghizar side of Shandur ground named Domo Par while the summer houses of the people of Laspur and six number of worship places substantiated their claim but Mr. Amjad Afridi easily surrendered their land.

Giving further evidences regarding their claims, they said that the shrub forest in the disputed pasture has also been managed by the forest department of Chitral till 1993 when the forest guard retired and the department did not post another one due to shortage of staff.

“The postal system introduced by the British who occupied Chitral in 1895, was also such designed that the postal material was handed over by the Chitrali staff at Teru of Ghizar district while the deodar trees of Chitral forest were harvested to be used as poles to lay the telephone line coming from Gilgit”, they said.

They added that the folk tale of Nan-Doshi dating back to 17th century A.D. in Chitrali language and the songs associated with it abundantly show that Shandur belonged to Chitral not Gilgit.

They warned that if any untoward incident occurred in Shandur in the aftermath of the MoU, the responsibility will be fixed on Amjad Afridi and others present on the occasion.



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