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   August 31, 2015



Open Letter to District Nazim Chitral Haji Maghfirat Shah,

Respected Nazim Sahib It was a great and an amazing day (Yesterday Sunday Aug. 29 2015)that the United alliance of Religious parties elected you as a Nazim for the upcoming District Government in Chitral with a big margin.According to the media both religious and other members belonging to different parties casted vote in your favour showing their absolute trust on your abilities

On the occasion of this highly happy memorable moment myself and other Brothers and Sisters congratulates you and wish you all the good luck.

Chitral,success is in every step you take make sure you keep the best balance among every single inhabitant of Chitral for their betterment.May Allah grand you a lot of compassion ,tolerance and pluralist approach (Ameen)

Honourable Nazim Our Beautiful Chitral is blessed with the absolute meaning Islam that is PEACE. You may have noticed from the last many years there are unrest in many cities of our homeland Pakistan many lives lost, properties are being destroyed and that is ongoing, by the grace of almighty Allah our Beautiful Chitral is still peaceful and brotherhood and sisterhood in Chitral is exemplary to others. I do not feel any hesitation to say that this credit is going to our Ulama-I-Karam,the great people of civil society and the leaders of our communities and finally the district and the Local Government.

we have highly expectation from you that you will Maintain this blessed and unique political and religious hermony and mutual understanding among the two school of thoughts of Islam here in Chitral. Respected Sir I got many opportunities to meet and set down with your late father Haji Mohammad Shah with my late father (Subedar Abdullah Shah of Charun Oweer) during my student life in Chitral.Your visionary father was a true patriotic Chitrali ,a diverse and pluralistic personality and was a true best friend of my late father.Many times your beloved father took us to your residence in Chitral for Lunch or dinner, so we expect you to carry on your fathers thought and play your role in maintaing peace in the area, as you said yourself yesterday after taking oath in the office of NDCC, " Iwould be working to eliminate the curse of ethnicity in Chitral and put the valley on the path of development and progress"
what a wonderful start and statement to start with.
Diversity ,multiculturalism ,pluralism and mutual respect of each other is the only way to go farward

Another important thing I would like to include is Education. As we all know the benefits of quality education ,so we hope and pray that you will encourage and help the public and private sector collaboration education in Chitral in this way our future generation have a better access specially in professional education .I remember when you was a Nazim a few years back unfortunately a vary professional and renowned Institute's permanent building was being denied in Chitral due to some unrelieved and useless basis .Here I am not Accusing you, but yes there were factors involved, and thus unfortunately we missed that huge opportunity to get benefit for our Chitral. we humbly requesting you as a head of our Local Govt. this time you should try to restore that educational building as our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said just summary for Education go even if it is available in China, so why we deny and refuse if it is available in Chitral.

Hounourable Nazim unfortunately in our society it is a false and baseless argument and point that Our ulema-Karam (religious leaders ) are not enough educated and can not carry out the government tasks and they are fundamentalist and against the modern education. We have Dr Enayatullah Faizi and Mohtaram Mulana Sher Aziz in Chitral level and Mr Sirajul Haq sahib (Central Amir of JI)in Pakistan we never hear these scholars taking against modern education, their articles and publications are Internationally recognized and accepted. We have strong hope and pray that you have to prove this doing the right stuffs in Chitral with your Ulama team otherwise our Ulamas will always face this false allegation and this is a unique opportunity to wash out this stain from the forehead of our Ulema- I Karam.

Lastly Respected sir on this very important occasion I want to thank the chief coordinator and elected member of PTI Mr Rehmat Ghazi sahib and his fellow councillors for their great co-operation and for maintaining the law and order situation during the polling also my great regards to others parties councillors for their calm and patience and respecting each other's opinions
ALLAH Ham Sab ka Hamu Naasir Rahay.


,Gul Jee Richmond Hill Canada.



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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