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   April  24, 2015



Principal Carey Sheffield's efforts lauded

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The parents of a number of students of Langland Public School and College Chitral have appreciated the efforts of the incumbent principal Carey Sheffield for raising the standard of the institution which was otherwise on the way of deterioration.

In a press statement issued by Musa Khan Ozherik, Maqsood Ali Shah and others, it has been said that the public school was established in late 1980s in public sector under district administration to introduce quality education in the area by the then senator Shahzada Burhanuddin of Chitral.

Keeping in view the importance of English language, British teachers were hired by the school management with a British national G.D. Langland as its principal who was a seasoned educationist and had served in Aitcheson College Lahore, it said.

After 9/11, the press release reads, the British teachers were sent back on security grounds but the principal continued till three years ago when he was replaced by the incumbent who brought about drastic changes in the school affairs leading to its improvement.

In the course of improvement and overhaul, the principal had to send home a number of teachers and support staff who did not had shining and desirable record of service at their credits and firing them was at the best interest of the institution, they said.

The parents have reiterated that their children had made tangible progress in their academic activities making them fully satisfied about the future of their children.

The disgruntled teachers and support staff fired from the service are hatching conspiracy against the incumbent principal to get themselves reinstated in their services and are giving frantic calls to the government which should not be paid heed, the press release says.



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