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   August 16, 2015



Kalash religious leaders rescued by FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Two of the stranded Kalash religious leaders were removed to DHQ hospital from Bumburate valley through a rescue flight of the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, an organ of Aga Khan Foundation here on Sunday.

The regional program manger of FOCUS, Amir Muhammad Khan told Chitral Times  that the condition of the two ailing Kalash exponents Mashaik Sha and Mirza Mas was deteriorating as they could not be taken to the hospital due to the closure of the valley road for the last three weeks.

He said that after receiving the report of the situation, he sent the helicopter to the valley as part of rescue operation and removed them to Chitral city where they were admitted to DHQ hospital.

Hazbula, the son of Mashaik Sha told Chitral Times  that both the Kalash elders are convalescing after being imparted extensive treatment.

He said that both the Kalash leaders were suffering from diabetes and used to come to the DHQ hospital periodically twice in a month and took medicines but due to the closure of the road for the last one month, it was not possible for them to get the routine checking.

He said that his father Mashaik Shah was seventy years old and was heading to a critical situation in the absence of medicines.



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