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   August 13, 2015



Well done SRSP-You Did “Well”

Imran Elahi, Danin Chitral

This summer various valleys of Chitral were hit by a major in Catastrophe in form of frequent GLOF Events, flash floods, Debris fall and mud fall which eventually destroyed most of the physical infrastructure of this remote and ever neglected district. Till date the population of entire upper Chitral, Garamchashma valley and Kalash valleys are cutoff from the district head quarter as the road networks had been badly damaged at most places due to severe and recurrent flooding in the streams. Besides local authorities and Pakistan Army the NGOs are making efforts to restore the communication network of the cutoff areas.

As it is a known fact that streams used to serve as main source of drinking and irrigation water for the local dwellers of Chitral. Due to the recent flooding events, almost 80% of the drinking and irrigation channels in entire district had been either completely washed away or are severely damaged. Now the water flowing through these flooded streams is very turbid and is unsafe for household usage. It was reported in Mulkhow valley that the locals were unable to wash their dead bodies that died due to flood bite because of unavailability of clean water.

In Chitral town provision of safe drinking water has remained great challenge for the local authorities as Chitral town has also been severely affected by the recent water induced hazard. In the recent past Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) a Non-Profit Organization came forward and took measures to address the safe drinking water issue. The above mentioned organization supported the local communities in digging several water wells at various locations of Chitral and out of the total, majority of which were dug in Chitral town. After successful completion of the water well projects in Chitral town the local communities were very delighted that at least availability of safe and cool drinking water has been secured for summer season (as the current voltage of electricity is unable to support electric appliances). No one knew that these water wells schemes will serve as big disaster mitigation scheme as well in case of natural calamities as the one happened this summer. Besides the local inhabitants all the organizations working in relief and emergency response operations were solely dependent on these well for providing safe drinking water to the disaster hit areas.

To this end thumps up for team SRSP but there is a famous saying “all’s well that ends well” Now SRSP should also think about devising a mechanism for water well inspection system to all of the constructed water wells. Routine water well system inspection is vital to assuring proper operation of the well, prolong its operational expectancy, and monitor the quality of the groundwater it supplies. In addition, just as important as the inspection itself, are the qualifications of those hired to perform the inspection. This inspection can also be done through training representatives of local community organizations who can be educated on periodic monitoring and maintenance of the water wells and basic understanding of natural and anthropogenic threats to drinking water quality. We hope that SRSP will also work on these lines so that provision of safe drinking water can be ensured through community ownership.



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