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   August 13, 2015



Focus establishes two first aid posts at Reshun and Koragh 

Chitral Times Report

Focus Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan established two first aid posts at Rashun and Koragh to serve the people crossing the Koragh hill pony track between Upper and Lower Chitral. The Koragh hill track is over 2 hourís difficult track. During the last week FOCUS received information that on daily basis many of the people crossing the track get injured due to boulder falls. The track is quite challenging with a steep angle. Many people get faint due to de-hydration. The Community Emergency Response Teams of Charun and Rashun have established first aid posts at both side of the track and started serving people with minor injuries. The team members are equipped with first aid boxes, stretchers and water. Since yesterday over 70 people have benefitted from these points. Mr. Maqsood (42) a resident of upper Chitral appreciated this initiative of FOCUS. He was sharing his personal experience of being injured with a boulder while crossing the track last week. He was not able to get any first aid, till Rashun village. It is to be noted that on daily basis over 1,000 people cross the Kuragh pony track. FOCUS Pakistan has also established a first aid post in Garmchashma for the volunteers working on the restoration of Garmchashma- Chitral Road.

It is to be noted that FOCUS has trained over 22,000 community volunteers across Chitral during the last 15 years in basic first aid, search and rescue and emergency management. These community members have helped thousands of people for the last many years in Chitral in various disaster situations. During the recent disasters the FOCUS trained volunteers helped many of the people by providing them early warning as well as helped during evacuation. This timely action of these trained community volunteers indeed contributed in saving of precious lives and in cases properties. The people from affected villages have demanded for more training sessions. FOCUS Pakistan plans to continue its community training programme in months ahead to prepare communities for any disaster situation.



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