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   August 02, 2015




Flash floods continues in most part of Chitral- destroyed several homes

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The flash floods devastated seven villages across the district including Kalash valley of Bumburate known for scenic beauty here in early hours of Saturday after the thunder storm and torrential rains that continued for several hours.

Zakuta Kalash from Bumburate valley told Chitral Times  on telephone on Saturday evening that the flood was the worst of all that had hit the valley in his life time which swept away twenty four houses, dozens of hotels and shops, a government high school, three mosques, a Kalash jastakhan (dancing place) and two micro-hydro power stations.

He said that the suspension bridge of Dubazh at the entrance of the valley and the road leading to it valley from Ayun village has been completely washed away leaving no track even for pedestrians and has totally disconnected it from the rest of the world.

The hotels destroyed by the flood included the government owned PTDC hotel which was a magnificent building in the Kalash valley with a spacious compound but now the place is adorned with only boulders and debris, he said.

The adjoining Kalash valley Rumbur has also been devastated by the flood which swept away more than ten homes and the magnitude of damage is low due to its sparse population, he said.

The flood water discharged by the two Kalash valleys wreaked havoc in Ayun village where it completely washed away twenty five homes, four shops, two mosques and the standing crop of rice and maize in tens of acres of land.

The residents migrated to the nearby Barawosht village situated in higher altitude while the furious waves of the flood water intercepted the Chitral River due to which the accumulated pool of water inundated more than one half of the village for more than six hours.

The villages of Khot, Shagrama, Ujnu and Muzhgol were hit by the flood in upper Chitral and devastated the standing crops of wheat standing on hundreds of acres of land whose reaping season had just started.

One Nazir Ahemd, a resident of Khot village told Chitral Times  that the floods have also washed away seven numbers of pedestrian and jeepable suspension bridges, five numbers of micro hydro power stations, two mosques and a school.

Chitral-Peshawar road is closed for vehicular traffic at Drosh and Lowari Pass while power supply to the city also stands suspended as a number of poles have been damaged at Lowari.

Due to the blockage of Chitral-Booni road at three different places, the relief organizations had to suspend their relief operations to provide food and other items while the prevalence of inclement weather throughout the day also obstructed the flight of helicopter service for relief operations.



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