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   March 26, 2015



Open Letter to Deputy Commissioner

Oil Tankers filled with fuel stopped at Panakot Dir for 12 days.


Chitral bound oil tankers filled with fuel  from PSO Depot Sihala on Friday 13 March 2015 arrived at Dir for crossing tunnel on Saturday/Sunday were stopped at Panakot for 12 days and allowed to cross tunnel  on 24 March. Some oil tankers arrived after that have been allowed to cross the tunnel on contact basis. 

 PSO Oil Tankers & Dealers Union Chitral express their concern that Pakistan State Oil Company (PSO) and its cartage contractors and dealers have not let Chitral and people of Chitral to see/face fuel shortage in the District. District Administration Chitral should also be proud of it.

 NHA/Tunnel management seems to create crisis in the district bringing bad name of fuel shortage to PSO, District Administration and the PSO Cartage contractors and Dealers in Chitral and this would be very bad and unfair with PSO and its Contractors/Dealers in Chitral. We the PSO  Cartage Contractors & Dealers Union Chitral appeal to Deputy Commissioner Chitral to interfere and take it up seriously with high-up in the centre/province and  ensure that NHA/Tunnel Administration should not stop oil tankers at Dir, otherwise there shall be shortage of fuel in the District.      


Best regards 

Yours Sincerely,

Cartage Contractors Chitral  




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