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   January 08, 2015



Ideology of Ex-MPA GM

I remember the election 2008 where Gulam Muhmmad had been honored  by PMLQ  MPA of upper Chitral and had enjoyed the five luxurious years of his tenure. Then at the end of government he suddenly decided to contest election 2013 from the most popular platform in the shape of APML in chitral, where he hardly served for one year and send back to the pavilion by his rival Sardar hussain.

I am not so shocked that GM had changed the party and join JUI “what i am thinking about is that what kind of ideology he has” we don’t have to show any evidence and document proofs. It is clear that GM had changed  parties and ideologies  for three times like he is changing clothes in the duration of six year.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” the picture shows clear that GM were not loyal with the party and with  Muhsin e Chitral “Parvez Musharaf”, these people are just in the party for their  own personal interests. These kinds of people have no ideology but have popular slogan “interests are permanent than friends ”

To be realistic it’s my wish  that GM may spend his rest of time in JUI and stand loyal with the party.

Ali Nawaz
Peshawar University



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