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   March  20, 2014


Need of religion in today’s world.

In today’s world people spend their life in modern way goes to the parties, restaurant especially in European countries where there is a many Muslim live. In European countries, as we all know that, sins are getting increased day-by-day and its effect all over the world, even Muslim and other religious people are also involved in these problems, neglected their religious activities. So the result is that depression, sorrow all these mentally problems are occurring no peaceful life because the spiritual side is decreased.

The outcome of the event is that in today’s world especially in Pakistan, people used to going aboard because of the critical situations happen in Pakistan. But in Pakistan the value of Religion and education is not decreasing its value is up to the mark but the only thing is to build up patience and tolerance to cover these both things and for the future generation.
It is in our hands if you make your life successful in point of religion and education and you are the responsible for all your actions in sense of bad ethical things. Be humble in your life and always obedience to ALLAH and his last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Arshad sahil
Dow university



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