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   March  09, 2014


The Arts and Crafts Movement

Originating around the 1880s the Arts and Crafts Movement was one of the most influential, profound and far-reaching design movements of modern times. Its leading architects, artists and craft-designers like Morris, Ashbee and Lutyens in the UK, Lloyd Wright and Stickley in the US, Hoffman and Saarinen in Austria were united in promoting the moral superiority of ‘honest’ design and natural materials in an industrial age.

With its division of labour the Industrial Revolution had devalued the work of the craftsman turning him into a mere cog on the wheel of machinery. The aim of the Arts and Crafts designers was therefore to re-establish a harmony between architect, designer and craftsman and to bring handcraftsmanship to the production of well-designed, affordable, everyday objects. This pioneering spirit of reform and the value it placed on the quality of materials and design, as well as life shaped the world we live in today.

Danish Ali Siddiqui
Dow University



Maternal mortality rate in Pakistan increasing Day by Day. Maternal mortality rate is very high in Pakistan as compare to developed country. Mostly factor impact on this issue, specially over economic status, culture, Gender system influence on maternal mortality rate. Because majority of poor people having high maternal mortality rate. For example early marriage, unsafe family planning, short gap between new pregnancies, poor nutrition and lack of awareness about reproductive and family planning methods. Majority of over Pakistani women have anemic due to imbalance diet specially during pregnancy. During pregnancy female not taking follic acid tablets and iron. Follic acid is necessary for first 3months in pregnancy. In rural area women doesn't taking follic acid because they have no awareness about follic acid and they have multiple believes about follic acid.

Majority of Pakistani people having poor financial support so due to this reason they cannot visit regular Maternal home and taking balance diet. On the other hand the most series problem is that deficient knowledge about health in pregnancy. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) and new research the gap between child should be 3years is necessary because it is beneficial for both baby and mother health. The marriage age for women about upto18years and bellow 35years. Proper diet, regular check up, awareness of reproductive health can be reduce Maternal Mortality rate.

Raj kumar (Bsn Generic)
Dow University of Health and Sciences



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