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   March  08, 2014


Rampant street crimes in Karachi

Karachi, with a population of nearly 20 million, has its fair share of problems like all other major problems. Its weary residents have had to put up with a multitude of problems, including Unemployment is one of the main causes. Unemployment leads to crime such as pick-pocketing. Unemployed people have no jobs, no money while they still live with their own needs and responsibility for their family. Sometimes, they want to earn money in a short time and by any means so they do something wrong even crime. lack of education also results in street crime. In poor families, children can't study or leave school before graduating because their parents don't have enough money to pay tuition. These children can grow up without full education. They can't find good jobs or they become unemployed. Besides, lack of education also leads to less understanding.

Firstly, the government need to solve the unemployment problem. The government can expand economic programs such as developing labour export. This help unemployed people have chance to change their lives. Reducing the population is also important. Because overpopulation is a burden in a country, it leads to unemployment, lack of education. the government should encourage education and give benefit to poor people. ,street crime is a social problem. It can be more worse and become a burden on society. It results from a lack of social care. With the right solutions, street crime can be reduced.

Ambreen zulfiqar



One can see many several beverages companies selling energy drinks in school and universities across the country. their is a need for health care professionals to inform parents and school administrations of the nutritional concerns regarding soft drinks consumptions, specially in educational institutions. potential health problems associated with intake of sweetened, energy or fizzy drinks include over weight and obesity attributable to addtiional calories in the diet, displacement of milk consumption, resulting in calcium deficiency with the risk of osteoporosis and fractures, dental carries and potential erosion. the prime stimulating ingredients in energy drinks are large doses of caffeine and sugar which can cause long term health hazards. school administrations and parents need to become well informed about the health implications of energy and fizzy drinks. the western world has already put in place regulations and only healthy drinks and juices are allowed in educational institutions. there is a need to implement clearly defined countrywide policy that restricts the sale of such drinks thus safeguarding against health problems.


Manisha Mehdi
Dow University Of Health Sciences



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