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   March  08, 2014


All they need is respect

Respected Sir,

I would like to take essential opportunity by the reader of your daily news paper in order to share my views and feeling about the un ethical behaviors’ with nursing staff in government hospitals.

These days nurses are facing immoral, disrespectable behaviors’ from the once they giving care to. The unscapulas activities are seeing in government hospitals as there is no one keeps an eye on them. Government hospitals give free care to patients free medicines are provided free treatment and surgeries are perform only to help those who cannot afford its cost but in return to all this immoral contact is seen specially with the one who give the most special attentive care.

This disrespect is leading towards storage of nursing staff and this may is near future cause severe problem as less par medical staff means less care and this will ultimately lead to people being treated.

It is my kind request to the concerned people of government that strict action must be taken against such people and strict laws should be imposed so that every women is respected to weather she is a nurse or belongs to any other profession.
This will help in living a better respected life.

Uzma fareed
Dow university of health science Karachi


Zaid Hamid is the Heart touching religious scholar”

In this world, every person inspire to one another for their good ethics, personality and their knowledge in which their life has been changed. So in my life the most inspired and made change is the zaid Hamid, by first time watching his video on You Tube “Khudi ko kar Buland itna” and “Zinda Rood” in which he totally gives outstanding spiritual knowledge of Allama Iqbal and reintroduce his deeply marvelous poetry, which a common person can’t understand it.
In Pakistan poverty and injustice increasing day-by-day, so I would like to give the message to youth that read his books and video to bright our future generation…

(Dow University of Health Science)


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