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   March  06, 2014


Anxiety and Depression

Dear Sir,

Through the courtesy of yours highly acclaimed and circulated Newspaper I would like to revel some important facts and figures about Anxiety and Depression of Pakistani peoples. Now a days the ratio of Psychological problems increasing day by day in our country. Because Anxiety and Depression is result of unpleasant environment. As we know our country is suffering from Hazards problems like Energy crisis, Bloodshed, Target killing, Injustice, Poverty, Corruption and un- employment. All of these things make difficult for survival. And all these factors not only suppresses socially but along with emotionally suppressed, because today peoples are suffering from this bad situation, specially our youth is completely dis- Appointed and hopeless. Because youth has no opportunity for their career. They are very worried about their future, so in the result of this situation, they are mentally UN stable. And the end of this instability peoples gets Psychological problems like Depression and Anxiety. And Majority of our society is suffering from Depression & anxiety. Today every person is felling UN safe and disappointed for example: After graduation our youth have no job opportunity in our country, even they are struggling day and night but in the end they have only hopeless life. All of these factors make mentally UN healthy and suppress confidence & make them psychiatric patient. So now our government should take step we can’t more tolerance, Government should give opportunity to the youth and provide all facilities to the Nation. This is only solution of these problems.

Yours Sincerely

Tanveer Ahmed


Dear Sir,
With drawing you attention, I am writing about the political gambling in Pakistan and their outlook ,their views to see the peoples’ issues are different. They might be correct in their own views but on the other side they are confusing people ,they don’t know what to talk where to talk and how to talk .they just go and on and most of the citizens of Karachi wasting a lot of time showing the political programs but the outcome is zero ,they just talk about an issue but their opinions and their plans are not actually comes into action. So I am writing this letter to the editor that clear the air that these things causing people to feel upset and the politicians should brief their opinions and put their words into actions so that people might not giving their hours.

To begin with my letter ,
Nowadays, the word ‘politics’ is found to be more recognition and prominence in its own meaning .The word which is in the air and a piece of action. The politicians spill the beans and each to his own .Some go behind someone’s back and some turn the back on and abandon people. Another vision or another side of my story is that Some people are early bird who’s get up early in the morning and switch on the TV channel they want to get some piece of news and then go back to work but what actually happens the politicians has the eager behavior and they didn’t balance their views and gets on and on .It destroys the peoples’’ lifestyle their .Its’ an headache to switch on the tv channel The people get on to their works with that same stress and all and destroys their professional and public relationships and family life is destroying day by day. Moreover, In this hardships the people getting affected by viewing and perceiving this kind of things and apply in their dailylives. In the end, the politicians should have more concise in their views ,point to point and straightforward they should make wise decisions an should not rock the boat so that people may not in the dark and they don’t give up their days. The politicians should clean up their act and put their words into actions so that the citizens of Pakistan not giving their hours & precious time by looking their programs and be in the clear.

Yours sincerely,
Farheen Datoo
Dow University of Health and science


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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