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   March  06, 2014


Pakistanís future at risk

Respected Sir,

Through the courtesy of your highly acclaimed and circulated newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of government towards an issue that is not only affecting an individual but also the entire Nation.

Since a long time, Karachi has been made an object of ridicule where the activist is playing with the lives of many people. Living peacefully is considered as impractical but still there were many youngsters who wanted to bring a small change in their homeland and therefore they still manage to study hard. The culprits have now started bothering these students and in actual influencing the youth of Pakistan. Recently Karachi Universityís point was robbed at gunpoint by some so called unknown people. Students were forced to give their semester fees to the offenders. The news was shown on news channels where we as ordains could see female students crying as some of them could not afford their semester fees again.

Another such incidence was apprehended once again on Karachi University but this time NED University was also included. This incidence this time did not have any robbery thing but something we are very use to. FIRING!!! A number of students were injured and a couple of them died. The news was again shown but nothing serious in action took place by the government. It is now clear that no place except our houses are safe. So are we supposed to stay back? Yes this will affect the individual but in a few more time in near future the entire nation will be affected. We students have only two options left with us. One is to stay back at home and the other option which will not affect an individual but only Pakistan is to leave this country and settle abroad. In both the cases Pakistan will definitely suffer as it will lose its youth which are its future leaders and it may also lead towards severe crises because there will be no one educated enough to run the country.

It is my kind request to the government that strict action must be taken in order to safeguard not only the future leaders but also the elder ones so that both can survive and help Pakistan growing, developing into a nation which will be acknowledged worldwide.


Misbah Amin,
Dow University of health and sciences,

All thy need is respect

Respected Sir,

I would like to take essential opportunity by the reader of your daily news paper in Oder to share my views and feeling about the un ethical behaviorsí with nursing staff in government hospitals .
These days nurses are facing immoral, disrespectable behaviorsí from the once they giving care to. The unscapulous activities are seeing in government hospitals as there is no one keeps an eye on them. Government hospitals give free care to patients free medicines are provided free treatment and surgeries are perform only to help those who cannot afford its cost but in return to all this immoral contact is seen specially with the one who give the most special attentive care.
This disrespect is leading towards storage of nursing staff and this may is near future cause severe problem as less par medical staff means less care and this will ultimately lead to people being treated.
It is my kind request to the concerned people of government that strict action must be taken against such people and strict laws should be imposed so that every women is respected to weather she is a nurse or belongs to any other profession.
This will help in living a better respected life.

Uzma fareed



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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