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   March  02, 2014


Junk food leads to obesity.

Dear Editor,

Sir I would like to appreciate and profound gratitude in you’re frequently read news paper and growing News junction. I would couristy of your extremely popular and growing news junction. I would like to  Pakistani people pay attention head toward the junk food holding obesity that is contain little nutritional Value and often high fats sugar salt and does not contain vitamin and minerals those people who are Randomly intake junk food like. Pizza, burger, broast bakery items etc, they are more susceptible to Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension high blood pressure high cholesterol level, further more studies shown junk food also impair essential brain function like loss concentration and loss of memory on the Other hand no lengths with healthy foods and fly in the face of junk food trend increase frequently in Pakistan ultimately the result of regular consumption of junk food is one of the leading factors for Obesity “you are what you eat “so we have to steer clear. Junk food and go to greets, with healthy Foods and fly in the face of junk food fruits, vegetable are pure gift from nature the most natural way to heal your body and make yourself whole again.

Eating is always a decision nobody force you hand to pick up food and into your mouth .eating is really One of your indoor sports your play three times a day and its well while to make game as pleasant as Possible.


Madiha Saleem( R M BSN)
Dow University of Health sciences (ION)


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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