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   March  01, 2014


Quacks golden business in Karachi

I would like to draw attention of ministry of health and high authority to take action against sacred cows. Now a days quacks along with unqualified doctor business running very successfully because in all Karachi as well as all over country number of their clinicals is increasing day by day. These quacks are playing with lives of innocent people. Actually quacks are enemy of humanity. These people have only one goal to get money, so quacks cheat peoples. Especially today very common problem in our society is "infertility in maleĒ Especially youth is facing this issues.

We can see on the wall of our society, often there were write quacks advertisement i.e. treatment of infertility in few days, treatment of erectile dysfunction etc. Most of the youth influence by this fake advertisement and visited their clinics for treatment. These fake practionerís claim, they can treat every kind of disease, even incurable one. They donít have any certification from national council of tibb and any medical certificate. They donít known about side effect of medicine.

These quacks treat patient without proper medical investigation. They treat them only on the bases of hypothesis, give them hazardous drugs for long duration, in result various side effect appear and some time patient die, at the time when patients go to hospital the disease became incurable, government should take strict action and make proper strategies to control these quacks.

Fahad Ahmed
Dow university



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