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   March  02, 2014



As we all know that spirituality play a major role in all our life. It gives courage and makes a person humble, whenever they get difficulties in their life. In this world every person has their spirituality level and it depends on their action, how they treat people, how they sincere towards their religion so that’s make a man life perfect. If a man strongly follows and learns spiritualism about them in their life, they are the real one who actually knows why God send us in this world. When we die, we go to other side, its thing of a believe in your heart, in your mind if you are a spiritual person because this are the things which a person cannot goes blind, in the pathway of Muhammad (S.A.W) P.B.U.H.

On the other side, in this world poverty, injustice and adult sex all things decreases the faith of humanity day-by day . Lots of religious scholars said,” When sins are getting higher the anger of God is getting higher”. So the only thing is to save us from sins is the best example of spiritualism that will always give you courage to your faith by remembering the names of ALLAH, and the most important thing is the zakat which is the right of every Muslim whether they are live their life in a poverty or happy. Always believe In God whether you send your life in a sorrow, a day will come when God gives his blessing to you, that will save you from sins but also gives you deeply knowledge of spiritualism, which is not easy to understand by a common person.

The lesson of my topic teaches that whatever you do in your life, one day, it will be reflect you. It’s not easy to walk on the path of spiritualism but you will see happy and peace in your life although you are not included in a rich person.

Your sincerely.

Khizar Amir Ali



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