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   March  01, 2014


Saving lives and paramedical staff

Dear Sir,

Through the Colum of widely read and circulated news paper, I would like to draw attention head towards, Paramedical staff plays a vital role in saving the life of a person requiring medical attention. They are trained professionals who are able to perform their duties under severe pressure and urgency. They stabilize the condition of the patient until the said person can be taken to the nearest hospital. If we observe western societies, we will see that many a time the life of a human being is saved because of the quick and efficient action of paramedic staff. In our country we see no such action. In fact, we see the complete opposite. With the prevalent security concern across the country, the need for such trained people has grown even more. We have ample amount of non-governmental organizations ready to claim or transport bodies and injured but the capability to save lives is missing. As human beings it is our duty to at least try and save a life. Effective healthcare is the responsibility of the state and I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to the matter. The issue needs to be resolved urgently. Every human life is important and equally valuable.

Madiha Saleem (RM,BSN)
Dow University of Health sciences



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