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   February 27, 2014



Sedentary life style increases the burden of diseases

People made vehicles for our easiness but in today's world most of the people use cars, motor bikes in wrong way. For short passages people use transport rather than walking. They can't understand the value of walking that, walking is a part of exercise. Invention made people lazy and bound to one thing such as computer and mobile. By using computer people stuck on one place and do work for a long time off period. They also eat food at computer working .By this weight gain they become lethargic and unable to move freely .And by weight gaining more severe diseases attack people such as diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and angina. When they work full time on computer so there eyes are also effected, they become in stress. By more usage of mobile eyes are most effected and research said that we disturb too much by vibrating of the mobile and our concentration not maintained. Inventions don't make life easy, it make life more difficult and complicated for humans. People capture in life threatening diseases by only using sedentary life style. Older people are very far away from diseases but today's people are very nearer to the diseases. If we make our life happy and free of disease so we make the habit of walking and exercise in our life. By this habit our all systems of body remain healthy. Instead of using transport for short passages we should prefer walking it maintain our life healthy and free of diseases .

Yours sincerely

Nazish Nizar Ali
Student of Dow university of health sciences
(ION) Karachi.



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