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   February 27, 2014



Violence in public

The horrible incidence of a 19 year old Sarfaraz shah could not be neglected by any youngster living in Pakistan. He was shot deadly in June 2011 by rangers’ personnel at point blank range in a public park in Karachi. A similar incident took place in Karachi where a poor taxi driver, Mureed, the only earner of his family, was killed in gulistan-e-jauhar, by rangers on a weird reason which was that he did not stop his car when they asked him to do so because he was in hurry of purchasing fruits for Aftar. Such incidence takes place every where: despite of killing or imprisoning the victims, the innocents are being killed by the care takers of our country.

Recently an operation was held by rangers in Malir at night. I was standing at shop when I saw some of the men in uniform coming out of the rangers’ van and then loaded their guns. Suddenly they ran towards the end of the street. The people around the street started panicking. One of my street neighbors was coming with his family and when he saw this situation he made his family stand aside so they are not harmed by anyone. Everyone was running but he was standing alone a side with his family. Unfortunately he came in the eyes of the rangers and was arrested. His family kept on shouting, trying to prove his innocence but they did not listen and tried to prove him a criminal by hook or by crook. The innocent was punished for deeds that he had not done. After a long interrogative and punitive investigation it was proved that he was above suspicion and he was set free.

Now such incidence is happening everywhere in a country. The government should take serious action on it. They should start realizing the difference between a criminal and guiltless. Otherwise the ones, who are doing crime, will be set free and the innocents will be imprisoned and the rate of crime could not be stopped.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Rehan
Dow University of health sciences
(ION) Karachi.



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