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   October 24, 2014



Delay in Appointment of Teacher Assistant

In order to facilitate teaching and learning process on temporary basis in government colleges, KP government introduced selection of Teacher Assistant through ETEA test basis. Application from the candidates have been collected in the moth of April and test for the posts arranged in May 2014. Since conducting of the test in May 2014 the candidates are still waiting for their appointment from Higher Education Department but no head way has been made in this regard so far.

It is pertinent to mention here that academic session starts in Malakand Division in the month of August and continue up to April of the next year then examination held for FA and F.Sc. Hence academic session is at the peak from August to December in the whole Malakand belt. Three precious months of students almost wasted in the area due to non appointment of Teacher Assistant from Higher Education Department and the problem is still persisting and students are still facing shortages of faculties in their colleges.

Higher Authorities are requested to expedite selection process of the TEACHER ASSISTANT, as three precious months of students already wasted and further delay in appointment will leave the purpose of Teacher Assistant as meaningless. Because from December 23rd up March of the next year all the colleges will be closed on account of winter vacation.

Nasir Mehmood,



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