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   February 26, 2014



The voice of children: stories about hospitalization

Dear sir,

The hospitalization of children has increase in hospitals care especially children's hospital and related institutions. Number of children hospitalizes each year. however, acute hospital stays in children hospitals about 40% inpatient. It is stressful experience for children as well known current search emphases the impact of specific disease or conditions such as trauma injury, diabetes or particular environment such as pediatric intensive care unit.

The hospitalization experience as change during past years as hospital staff and administrators made to improve hospital environment for children. The improvement include lifting restriction on visitors, providing space for children to play and parents to room with their hospitalize child and making child life available on inpatient and outpatient departments. Children unit are colourful with active play rooms, computers, movies, games, special therapies such as pet and music therapy. Children stories often focus on being alone. When children were alone, they could be uncertain about what was going to happen or they predict something negative that could base on past experience. children who were bored, lonely or sad wanted companions. They wanted parents, friends and siblings, even staff for play, talk and companionship. getting better playing with others and enjoying being in the play room, As well as learning and mastering hospital equipment, were mentioned by the children in this study. They use more medical or hospital terminology and stories often appeared to contain personal experiences.

yours sincerely
Muniza Kanwal Murad Ali (RM)
student of Dow university of health sciences



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