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   September 26, 2014



Chitrali youth demolished by drug addiction.

A letter of Dr. Zubaida sirang has been published in chitraltimes pointing out the grave situation of addiction among the youth of Chitral.As this letter comes from a doctor and therefore, needs deep consideration.

The parents must remember, the future of our children depends on their performance in education because human society is going to be more and more meritocratic. As survival of the fittest is the law of nature. In the present society the fittest person is the one who possesses the highest personal merits and personal merits without better education are impossible.

It is also an admitted fact that for gaining better education sound physical and mental health is necessary. As pointed out by Dr. Zubaida, use of drugs destroys both physical and mental health of our children. If the situation remains unchanged, honourable survival will be very difficult for them. As parents, let us follow the advice of Dr. Zubaida and try to change the situation before it is too late.

Saeedullah jan .



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