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   September 23, 2014



Drugs in Chitral

A patient of mine told me about a very sad and fearful situation in Chitral town. According to him and his father, our youth is very much into various sort of fatal drugs these days. The most alarming thing is that the drug dealers are doing their business openly without any fear and the poison is quite easily accessible to the youngsters. Even this young patient started taking drugs at the age of 13 and now after 9 years his body and mind is totally dependent on it, with the need of psychiatric treatment. And not only cannabis but opium, hashish and heroin is also effortlessly available. The young boys, who cannot afford expensive drugs, contribute 100 Rs each to fill one cigarette with heroin and get 2 puffs in return.

Through this esteemed newspaper I would like to draw the attention of the higher authorities towards this horrendous situation. I would also request the parents to pay attention to the whereabouts of their children, before itís too late.

Dr. Zubeda Sirang,
AKMC, Booni.



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