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   September 21, 2014



“Dragon Lake Saga” (Nahango Chhat)

Once upon a time in Mastuj, an enormous dragon made a lake his den. He preyed upon all living things, ranging from fish to animals. With the passage of time, he began to attack humans. Whoever passed nearby, were swallowed alive by him. The huge reptile was invulnerable to weapons.

Arrows didn’t reach him from a long distance, while going near it was difficult and risky. People of the area in state of worry, requested the local King to protect them from the hideous creature.

After consulting with his advisors, the King made a proclamation of reward for person killing the dragon.

When this proclamation was announced, a brave man volunteered himself for the mighty and risky job. He was summoned to the King’s court to meet the King. After showing his willingness to do the risky job of killing the serpent, to His Majesty, he went back to his house. Afterwards he requested a blacksmith to make a razor- sharp, double-handle sword.

After few days, he visited the black smith; collected the sword from him, poisoned it, then went to his house, to say good bye to his family, and set off on his deadly journey.

Reaching near his destination; he mounted off of from his horse, took out his sword, hold it with stretched arms and moved towards the edge of the lake. When the man-eater dragon noticed noise and moments near his den, he began to move towards the direction of moments and noises. When he took sight of a man from a distance, he began to suck him into his mouth. As soon as he pulled the man towards its mouth, the razor sharp blades of the sword began slicing his mouth and making a wide gap between its jaws, poison swiftly completed the rest of the job.

Finally, the dragon met his ultimate end. The brave man cut one of the golden locks from the dragon’s head and galloped his horse towards the royal court. When he reached the King’s palace with the good news; he was given a hero’s welcome, a splendid and lavish dinner was arranged in his owner. He brandished the golden lock to the courtiers, received a large sum and land as reward from the King. The local people showered on him an unfathomable love. His tale of brevity and galore reached far and wide even still the place in “Mastuj” is called “NahanguChhat”* (Dragon’s Lake).
Moral: Reward of bravery
*A place near Government Boys High School, Chinar, Mastuj, District, Chitral, KPK, Pakistan.

Translator: Faheem Ahmad Khan.


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