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   September 06, 2014




It is heartening to note that Broghil Festival, the first officially organized event in the history of such festivals in the area, concluded with notes of high success as was reported by various segments of the media. A year earlier no one could even think of organizing such a magnificent event in the inaccessible extreme north of Yarkhoon valley. It is only the Pakistan Army, which shouldered the onerous responsibility of constructing a jeepable track to this forgotten part of Chitral, perhaps realizing both its strategic significance and socio-economic potential. Despite certain problems highlighted in the press on the quality of the track, kudos to Pak Army for their splendid contribution. I have all the hopes that Pak Army, living by its great traditions, will improve this track and one day develop it into an all-weather road, paving the way of Chitral / Pakistan's trade interaction with neighbouring Central Asian States, especially when the Lowari Tunnel is to complete in a couple of years. The visiting military dignitaries, particularly Major General Javed Mehmood Bukhari and Major General Akhtar Jamil Rao must have observed that Broghil pass is the most viable option for linking Pakistan with Central Asian States though Chitral. I suggest that a feasibility study of this much needed project is carried out by Pak Army Engineers as well. I suggest that this historical trade route is also formalized by establishing Excise/ Custom posts to encourage small scale trade interactions via Broghil pass. The people of this far flung area hope that Pak Army will continue its good work of building communication infrastructure in Chitral on the pattern it has contributed in Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, FATA, etc. that will help Chitral in improving the existing deplorable conditions of both the road communication and telecommunication. As regards the Broghil festival, our sincere thanks are due to all the civilian and military dignitaries who graced the event with their presence, particularly MNA Chitral, GOC Swat Division and GOC Engineers. We appreciate Commandant Chitral Scouts for his untiring efforts in making Chitral an even more peaceful and beautiful place. Officers and Jawans of Chitral Scouts deserve our full support in such efforts. We also appreciate the contributions of all the NGOs and Provincial Govt Departments and civil administration Chitral for their support, and hope that this will continue. We should not forget the efforts of the local leading personalities like Umar Rafee of Broghil, Mehboob Wali of Lasht, Muhammad Wazir Khan ex Nazim and now Chairman CCDN, Sher Wali Khan Aseer sahib Chairman PUNAR and many more who made untiring efforts. Press/ Media also deserve our appreciation. It is hoped that both the problems and potentials of the area will be highlighted significantly. I must mention the brave people of Broghil and Yarkhoon valley, who are facing the unprecedented difficulties of life however, with great patience, dignity and patriotism. In the end I must say that Yarkhoon valley has remained unfortunate, failing to attract attention of high ups of both the public and private sectors. Its great potential in tourism and trade may be realized by focusing on developing road communication and telecommunication, with the help of both the private and public sector organizations, particularly the Pak Army.

Abi Khan, Gazen



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