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   February 16, 2014



The Editor,
Chitral times,

The slogan of Karachi is “Karachi is the city of lights”, the city of peace and prosperous” is now becoming “the city of darkness”, “the city of target killing” “the city of blood shedding”. The happiness and prosperity is vaporized from the city of the Karachi. Every person lives with tension, fear and city crises. On daily basis there are cars snitches mobile phone are snatches, CNG station close ,prices of basic needs talk with the sky, this all things make the life of simple people tougher. In Karachi simple people can't survive normally. When any person wants to reach some there so strikes road blockages come in between by this person can’t reach to their designation. Due to strikes, protest and road blockage our education suffers and our city faces economic crises. Amazing thing is that due to road blockages baby born on the road and there is no care for them and sometimes mothers lost their lives during delivery. Nowadays bhatta khori is very common in Karachi. When People open shops for earning money so phones and letter come from bhatta khor for huge amount of money. And if money will not give it to them so they were kill people. The cases of target killing are increase day by day. Most people killed in target killing. This type of cheap thing is not only faces shop keepers it also faces by teacher's doctors and other professional. Day by day the condition of the Karachi becomes worst. If this types of things are not stop so one day Karachi will totally damaged. In Karachi no one can save. I request to Government please step forward to save Karachi. And save the lives of innocent people. Again make the Karachi the city of lights.

yours sincerely,
Nazish Nizar
Dow university of health sciences (ION)


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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