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      January 30, 2014


Mostly Chitrali students isolate from their families

Problems occur because of less facilities and low availability of resources. A man has to pull up his sock to be superior in his life and wait for his tomorrow while keeping his finger crossed. Afford and your zeal toward your work takes you about to development and maturity in your life. The greatest needs for to improve life in maturity is education. It is our basic needs which we have to attempt either we have to cope a hideous condition in our life time. Our prophet (P.B.U.H) said that “go for education either you have to go to China “so we can see how much education is pivotal in our life.

Mostly Chitralies are compelled to send their kids away from their eyes vision for the sake of study or any other kind of earning source. This all give inside pain to parents because they are the only who have genuine, real and true love towards their kids. Inclusively, the parents or the children both have to confront these hideous issues, problems and trouble because of paucity of an organization or an institution.

This kind of issues; we Chitralies are facing, but it is blessing in disguise that all Chitralies are very cooperative and helpful to each other. We all are above board with our work and do coup all the matter bravely not really do panic or mourning for any kind of issues. Chitralies have potential to change their attitude and keep struggling unless and until the catch their goal or aim. Their zeal, enthusiasm, keenness toward their works is uncountable. Even, take a labor, which do his work very honestly and keep hardship in his shoulder to feed their children. We people belongs from that backward area; Chitral. We still lack facilities of communication like internet, telephone and modern technologies yet. How the Chitrali students are competing with the candidates who are in touch with technology in the age of three? It is jaw draping.

But unfortunately, they are varying and adapting the shade, culture, politics, social action and way of living of others. The mostly well educated are taking place in the luxurious area but never try to groom up their own place where they born. If we want, we can find gold in our own field. Because of this the parents are isolate from their younger from the beginning till the end of their life. If we as an educated will not prefer to bring change then who will come to make our property grown up? So, Chitral is our property and our land, and we people can work there with our full of potential. If we have passed harder life than why we will weighted the worldly problem in new generation’s shoulder. So personally, I have big enthusiasm and my warmth desire to do work for the betterment of my beautiful land, Chitral.

Malika Shah
NUML, Islamabad



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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