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   July 22, 2014



The valley of darkness

The nostalgic mode frequently over come me whenever I recall of my those nocturnal visits of Bakarabad village from where I used to enchanted the amazing and breath taking view of Chitral valley. I still remember the glittering of electric lights like fireflies and their reflection on the Chitral River which was snaking around the town seemed unique. The whole valley lied on the lape of perpetually snow capped Karakorum seemed to the valley of fairies and jinis. I had been spending hours to listen the wordless conversation between these fireflies, the river and the Karakorum, but never got bored. My recent visit to the same place gave me a dismal view, because of the load shedding the valley of lights seemed to me the valley of darkness. The growing darkness terrified me and I quickly drove my car to take refuge in my small lightless room and turned on my dim solar lights to read my half finished book. How we within few years reached to this era of darkness is not a long and complicated story. When your politician become opportunist and electrified village after village for the votes without a production of a single watt and power authorizes from the beginning were inapt and friend of Kundi mafia, The third party I mean the consumers are crushed by the price high, corruption and injustices in the society. The consumers don’t have any strength to come out the streets to protest and ask for their rights. The consumers still pay their electric bills for the bellow 40 watt voltage and experiences more than 20 hours load shedding but receiving the same amount of electric bills. It is even written in WAPDA’S manual that if the voltage is below 40 watt the company shouldn’t send electric bills, but who cares?

Bashir Hussain Azad
Shahi Bazar Chitral


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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