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   June  12, 2014




Thumbs up to PTI for introducing The Anti-Corruption Department in Chitral! Finally we are seeing some changes in making people accountable and addressing any wrong doings. This is a much awaited step to help in cracking down on individuals or groups involved in corrupt practices. As we all know, corruption has been a challenge, an obstacle for successful development in Chitral. As a result, we have witnessed many setbacks in terms of expansion within the region. There are numerous examples where we have seen cheap material being used to absorb more profits, bridge collapses, road work has started however never completed, buildings or other infrastructure collapse and we have witnessed millions of rupees being promised/designated to the district for various projects in the name of development but in some cases, with minimal outcomes.

Unfortunately the money continues to be wasted and/or absorbed by few for (personal gain). With influence, in most cases, these culprits have gotten away with this for so long. I hope to see significant changes as this department broadens its scope to higher level individuals involved in corrupt practices. Holding people accountable and penalizing those for wrong doings be it maximum fines or jail time in due course will start to discourage illegitimate practices. One day we might even be able to embrace the “whistleblowers” phenomenon in Chitral! This will certainly send a strong message be a huge step towards eradicating and deterring corrupt practices.

Mir Hassamuddin
Milton, Canada


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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