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   June  08, 2014


Nursing now a days

It is time to change. The world is changing day by day in every field of life and every profession is getting change. Every profession demands the best practice from politics to education and art to economics has demand of the high quality skill and advanced and evidence based practice if so then why not nursing ???? If we see the history of nursing the nurse was considered only to be at bed side of patient and just followed as told to them and limited only to inject the injection as doctor ordered. Now that concept has been changed it is 21 century nursing having multi dimensions having rational with every intervention and have integrated and analyzing mind with in-depth knowledge of everything regarding their patient as well as their environment. like other fieldsin nursing so many expertise are emerging so many scholars and researchers coming up with researched based knowledge although nursing demand best practice expect advance knowledge and it is getting change from the previous one now nurses are no more limited to bed side. No doubt they are working in hospital today too but they are in different way with a critical mind, with integrated knowledge, with keen observation they involve in decision making regarding their patient they are no more physician assistance while they are team worker beyond the patient. They are working as an educator, as a consular, as a statistician, as a informatics.21 century nursing have difference indeed nursing has many shade performing their role in a very different way and different field of life to day nurses are taking part in legislation regarding health safety and health insurance, beyond this all nurses are working as a school health nurse doing research in different field and yes to day nursing is contemporary nursing as well they performing their role as health promoter in the past the nurses were just following the doctorís order just gave injection in that way which were told to them but it no more remain yes of course working in hospital is basic responsibility of nurses but they identified their separate profession and they are preventing their community from different harmful particles which are existing in the surrounding making polices regarding the health safety is also role of nurses itís best example is wearing hall mate policy in U,S while riding bike introduce by a nurse through her research to prevent from head injuries in road traffic accident .nursing is spreading their wing beyond the sky and overlap the other professions you may see so many nurses working as a health economist so many are informatics nurses. Nursing is rainbow having different colors having variation .According to the era everything is changing then why not nursing??? Nursing is also changing look it is no more the traditional one now nurses are more innovative more intradisplinary yes they are caring their patient they are scarifying their sleeps and rest all their joys have been lost for the sake of their patient and they are going beyond of themselves for their patient. Beyond the patient they are supporting their families and their communities.

My personal views

I did not become doctor because I loved nursing from my childhood and I had temptation from my school life to become a nurse I never thought about doctor I just had a eager of nursing even I donít know a single thing about nursing. Allahumdullih now I am a final year student of BSCN of Shifa tameer-e-millat university Islamabad. Now it is our time dear all my fellow you are going make a difference .All the nursing student you are going to make a difference among all profession yes you are unique you are adorable you are charming you are caring and big hearted you deserve happiness and success yes you are rare gems and selected people you are amazing just realize your worth just understand your importance without you how would be the world just imagine without you how would be the health care setting ???so many opportunities are waiting for you every door of opportunities open for you. Proud to be a nurse lets you to be rocks.

Subira Amir khan
Final year student of Bscn
Shifa tamer-e-millat university



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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