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   June  03, 2014


The only thing should be done for the chitrali student

The four year of experience in STMU taught me and finally help me to understand and analyze that what should be done for the Chitrali student who are getting their basic education from Chitral and coming up for higher education and different professional degrees. They have to face many problem which I have observe from four years .initially I used to think that it is my personal problem and I am facing it alone but after four year I analyzed that it is not my personal problem all the student who are coming from Chitral all are facing the same problem ,they all have potential to do much more they all are competent enough but the only lacking is which is confident they donít have enough confident to show their real selves and to convert their potential In to action in a forum .I am not underestimating all the chitrali student around the country may be some of them are extra ordinary and confident enough or may be someone have aptitude of that but on the base of my experience I am saying that so many students I met them only thing I found which is lack of confidence particularly the female student .They all have abilities to do so many things they all are creative enough have so much potential but that all become useless because they donít have confidence to use their creativities and potential but there is question mark ??? who is responsible of it the parent who cared and developed their children in the home in initial few years of their or the institute and the teacher who taught them early in school, they were responsible to build the confidence in their personalities in childhood in school to whom should we blame?? Now it is our turn we have to understand the problem it is our responsibility to eradicate that among the new generation who are ready to face the future challenges and we now it is era of technology to survive in this era our generation have to do much and more but all that need confidence and motives to develop that motives and confidence we can help our generation .It is our turn to take responsibilities of our youth to prepare them for the upcoming days which every new day is challenge for everyone it is our duty to help them in the way of modern education. It is the greatest responsibility of the student who are currently enroll in different universities and they all are aware of it so you are going to lead our new generation please introduce the new teaching methodologies and teach them in a new way make them able to live in the modern science era bring change among them and make our Elysium Chitral more beautiful.

By Subira Amir Khan
final year student BSCN
at Shifa tamee-al- millat university


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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