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   June  03, 2014


Condemnation of irregularities on Chelum Jusht

According to the honorable Dr. Inayatullah Faizi, there were huge irregularities and a phony illustrations on the occasion of the famous Kalash festival known as Chelum Jusht held recently in the Chitral Kalash Valley. The majority of Chitralis completely agreed with Dr. Faizi's opinions and perception since he is recognized as a unique person with somewhat say on these issues. His knowledge alongside his arguments are almost indisputable. Kalash festivals such as Chelum Jusht are merely religious festivals and are only performed by the Kalash community. The people of Chitral are known to respect the cultures of others around them. This includes the people from the beautiful Kalash Valley. This is because they are also Chitralis which is why we find it unacceptable to allow individuals from other parts of Pakistan to exhibit the festival if they are not members of the Kalash family themselves. By bringing non-Kalash individuals to perform the festival as an act is looked upon as a rude remark and at times an insult to the culture. It is felt by many that Mr. Suren Singh should not bring non-Kalash people (or also known as ‘actors’) to Chitral from Peshawar and other cities to perform an ‘act’ regarding the festival. Many individuals and families living in the Kalash regions and also rest of Chitral feel that he should not use the name of the Kalash Valley and culture if the benefits of doing so are only advantageous to him. It may be a small topic to one, however this matter is a very important aspect to the lives of hundreds of people living in Chitral and specifically the Kalash Valley. Therefore, this is a humble request to the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Chitral, Chief Minister of KPK, and Mr. Salem Khan; the elected member of the provincial assembly from lower Chitral to truly consider this matter as an important matter, and hence, come to an effective resolution so that the numerous people that embrace the Kalash culture are satisfied.


Gul Jee


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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