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   May  29, 2014


Separate board and university in Modern Era for Chitral District.

Due to its peculiar geographical position the population of Chitral has estimated according to different census of private and govt sector. Some says it’s 5 lac and some says its 6. But it was 318689 persons in 1998 According to census of Pakistan. According to the Wikipedia the population of district Chitral is about 414000.The Area of Chitral is 14850 sq kms. Also Chitral consist of 6 Tehsil But there is no full/complete board and university, which is the right of public in Chitral. The enrolled student are multiplied day by day in BISE Peshawar. The board campus of Chitral is also a tremendous step of PTI govt kpk.We also know that the kpk govt has many challenges to face in critical situation, we people of Chitral only want our rights that is Full board .I have heard from a strong source that it will take time, because the annual submitted Rs in bank from the students side is less and not sufficient for Full board.

The shaheed Benazir butto university (SBBU) foundation was in Chitral, but former minister Mr Najum ud Din khan shifted it to Upper Dir, later on a campus has opened in Chitral for amuse Chitral people. The All campus of other universities are not fulfill the requirement of students therefore mostly students migrate from Chitral to Peshawar for their further education The politician are often shyster and the Full board and university will possible when the member of federal and provincial member raised this issues, this is their responsibility because they nominated to solve the problems of public, also we people of Chitral should shake hand with each other because for our basic rights, because “Union is strength”.

Abbas Hussain
Drosh Chitral
student in BS (Comp sc :)
at Edwards college Peshawar cant.


Radio Chitral


I watched the live interview of Samina Pervez Director General Radio Pakistan on PTV the other day. She reiterated to strengthen rural board casting station in the country. I wonder why she has ordered to dismantle the 2 KV FM transmitter installed for PBC Chitral station in 2005. I am astonished how she has imposed ban on the maintenance of 25W AM transmitter installed in PBC Chitral station in 1993? I am at loss to understand why she directed to gradually close PBC Chitral station during her short tenure in office?

If the worthy DG of the state organ in breasting is sincere to his words, she is earnestly requested to pay heed to the plight of the people of Chitral for 3 KV FM transmitter and 10 KV AM transmitter in order to strengthen the 21 years old broadcasting station Chitral which is meant to cover 14850 kq.km area in the district and 28400 KM area across the border in Afghanistan.

Farooq Ahmad ,
Ujnu Torkhow Chitral.



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