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   May  27, 2014



Dear Editor:

The main purpose of this topic has grown in the past few years, which is to capture the gang war and violence .

Gang violence is the cause of teen violence lead . Here, many boys and girls in schools currently suffer from gang violence or have been or is currently a member of the family are to be found . This is starting to become a big problem . In this whole 'gang' is required to prevent the situation that feels!

Many young people's groups as a way to have collapsed beyond the fact that death is survey . Gang violence already many deaths are occurring because the top is becoming one of the main reasons . That many young people are treated as such groups can choose to be no hope for the future generations leads .

Violence is affecting the school system ! Being involved with the group, with many young people are more physical action which resulted in the discipline of children is growing . Every day that goes by is constantly growing as a problem . No problem is too big to overcome before it is to stop the increase.

I think the 'gang' situation in society today, more comfortable and better when it comes to a stop . Now people happier today than the last few years and are alive . Perhaps more parents to their children, the problem would not be such a big deal that is more focused .

Zubaria khan
International Relations
( Karachi university )


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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