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   May  22, 2014


PM Youth Business Loan


PM Nawaz Sharief announced Youth Business Loans attached with complicated requirements which are to be fulfilled before submission of the loan application, like Business Plan, grantors etc. People and especially youth community fulfilled all the conditionality and applied for the loan with the hope that the amount of loan will be disbursed within one or two months. It is extremely regretted that not a single loan has been disbursed in District Chitral after passage of five to six months when loan application have been submitted.

It is requested to PM and his team to do homework before announcing such plan as it brought embarrassment to the government and people realize that government fulfill not a single commitment which it made with the public. If government has no provision to finance the loan then why they have made fool of the people especially youth? The same case is also attached with Provincial Government Self Employment Loan. Large number of applicants waiting for the loan for the last one year but they had not get the loan.

Both provincial government and federal government badly failed in their promise of giving employment to youth through business and employment loan. There is frustration among youth about delay in disbursing loan for youth employment and responsible government officials and especially PM, Nawaz Sharif and CM: Pervez Khatak are requested to take notice of the delay in disbursing of the loan for the purpose of giving employment and business opportunities to youth.

Nasir Mehmood
Drosh Chitral


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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