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   May  19, 2014



Appeal to DC Chitral

There are much to do for infrastructure development in town Chitral which needs billions of funds and also beyond the capacity of any deputy commissioner. We are happy that Mr. Aminul Haq assumed charge of Deputy Commissioner in Chitral and we will be very grateful if he takes only three steps for public interest.

1. Deputy Commissioner Chitral is requested to take personal interest in timely completion of By-pass road and Mulan Gole Bridge which are causing serious inconvenience for general public. The concern contractor should be make accountable and why they have consumed more than five years for completion of these two public importance project.

2. People of Town Chitral facing serious problems amid scarcity in water supply system prevailing in town Chitral. Golen Gole water supply to town Chitral should be inaugurated without fall of summer season so that people could have access to drinking water in the Holy Month of Ramzan.

3. Deforestation is in full swing in limited forest areas of Shishikuh, Kalash Valleys and other forest compartments of Chitral. There should be immediate step to stop this menace for which people of Ayun observed hunger strike in Chitral. There should be immediate bane on commercial harvesting of forest so that the people of Chitral could be protected from the wrath of devastating floods in the coming days. Flash floods are the direct result of deforestation in Chitral.

It is also pertinent to mention here that we made the same appeal to former DC Chitral Mr. Shoaib Jaddon at the time of his taking charge of office but he completely ignored all the issues and left the unfortunate district while these issues are still exists and faced by community members.

Nasir Mehmood,
(Drosh) Chitral


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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