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   April  16, 2014


Human Traits on Facebook

"Relations are like a glass, a scratch on one side will reflect on the other side, too always handle feelings carefully because scratches cannot be removed"

Human nature is the combination of such inborn traits inherited by birth by which every human being gives a response to different situations like happiness, sorrow, anger and annoyance etc. An individual behaves according to the situation and acts on what trait he/she has inherited. Traits are different and change from time to time, place to place and year to year. Different types of people are living in different parts of the globe pertaining different traits and nature.

Nowadays as the world is becoming global village due to technology and wide spread social websites, access to global customs and traits of human is very easy and susceptible. Facebook is one of the social web sites serving as a social interaction portal, helped the globe to understand each other’s. But beyond any doubt some of the fingers are being seen to point against the reliability, trustworthiness, reality, genuineness, and authenticity of the materials uploaded on it.

The definition of trait is a distinguishing characteristic or quality; especially of one's personal nature. It can be its way of communication, social interaction, social mindset and reflection of behavior on different occasions. Behavior gives birth to attitudes and that particular response depicts a trait. Human behavior is influenced by culture, values, coercion, genetics, ethics etc. The way of dealing with these social issues is a trait and his likes and dislikes is the conditional attitude. Attitude is the expression of favor and disfavor, like and dislikes, things, place, event and many more and this may be different from human to human, place to place and time to time.

Facebook is currently the largest social website with an estimated 1.5 billion of monthly active users in 2014. About three years back it did not exist in Chitral, but now every third person is having facebook ID, interacting with people of different traits and social behavior. Lots of ID’s are available displaying male/female glimpses with aesthetic posts and dozens of comments.

It is not secret that facebook is a goldmine for advertisement and personal assessment, but it may be surprise you to notice that how much of your personality is exposed by simple activities on facebook. Open chats, comments, likes, shares and tags are the main features of Facebook. If anyone thinks that it is the electronic shape of human society, because of these activities; are common in human life. But the medium of communication is different. Open chat means open verbal communication without face to face interaction. Likes and dislikes are the way of expression related to mind. Comments can be passed on any issue in the society, home, or any place, subject, dispute, crises, happiness, sorrows, personality and character of any one. Sharingof beautiful, charming, delightful, aesthetic, ugly, unethical, morbid, and abused things can be experienced within any society. Same things, emotions and expressions can be tagged to one who you like or dislike expressing emotions, hatred, and displeasure.

Human being is a social animal with emotions, feelings, behaviors, traits and with sense of attitudes. Reaction on any situation is human quality. Best feelings on judgment, appreciation, like, adoration love and feeling sometimes dishearten, discourage, frustrate, and downcast on dislike, hatred and loathing are its superiority. Unlike animals human doesn’t have these qualities that’s why human is narrated as “Ashraf ul Makhluqat” by almighty in Quran. Character of the human is best known and visible on his/her comments, share of views, likes and way of gossiping. Here posting of some material is behavior of the user, upon a response the reaction is attitude and the way of reply is traits. Mostly it depends on the material uploaded on the wall and reflects the inner quality and genuineness of the user. Facebook is like a very vast crowd of people under one networked roof using a single medium of communication. They belong to different races, demographics, color, cultures, customs and habits, and qualities like calm, talkative, characterless, ethical uniqueness and many more. Posting a material means getting involved into a discussion. Based on the subject of the material good, worse and unexpected comments, likes, shares and tags can be experienced. Using facebook means joining the crowd with little privacy and share of secrecy to all available under that roof. Actually this portion is the reflection of the traits and characteristics of the commenter, and the social congenital mind of the status updater. Comments and findings are based on the data which has been provided but what can be dig onto you on a publicis different kinds of human nature, communicating and reflecting different traits and characteristics. If any comment is against personal expectation and beyond belief, accept that it is according to post and updated status. This is why may be it is basically the reality of your post and maybe there is difference of opinion. Sometime people are getting made of any comment and react like a wild, uneducated and depressed person. The best reaction to dislike can be to delete and send a message to the commenter that you dislike this comment and that you deleted from the wall. Sensitivity level may be different to peoples from race to race and place to place. Some of the users may be very sensitive and get dishearten on a very simple action and some may not. So there must be a difference between facebook Traits and Human Traits.

As a well said proverbial saying goes that‘ relations are like a glass, a scratch on one side will reflect on the other side, too always handle feelings carefully because scratches cannot be removed’.

Tariq Iqbal Tariqi
Shogram - Chitral


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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