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   April  09, 2014



Dear Editor,

I would like draw the attention of the authority concern to the serious matter that KARACHI once known as the city of lights has been turned into KARACHI - The City where Sun never rises. Some part few years Karachi has seen much more darkness. Karachi is not only the largest city Pakistan, but is also the business capital of the country.

In Karachi target killing is now very common due to which many human lives are lost and terrified day by day. Due to the poor Condition of Karachi the citizen thinks whether they will return alive or not before leaving the house.
The number of smoke emitting vehicles on the road in increasing day by day. The traffic police are oblivious of the problem, rather they are more interested in minting money from poor commuter on one pretend to the other.

It is my humble request to the government that the negative elements who are destroying the peace and tranquillity of Karachi should be paralysed and serve action should be taken against them so that the people of Karachi would not get terrified and Karachi can again become the City of Lights.

All this terror all these fights people crying for the rights when I see it, now its hard to believe this was called the City of Lights.

Zubaria Khan
International Relation
University of Karachi



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