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   March  27, 2014


Unemployment Rate in Pakistan

Unemployment means that the number of people who at the present time are looking for jobs or are being considered as jobless divided by the total labor force. The unemployment has the direct impact on the economy of a nation. Pakistan is one of those countries which have the highest unemployment rate in the world. There are several reasons which contribute in the unemployment of any country which includes the political instability, lack of skilled labor, inflation or even other factors like terrorism and natural disasters. The rapid increase in population is one of the main causes of unemployment. The resources are limited. There are comparatively very less facilities and opportunities needed for the well being of such huge population of our country. While the new jobs are not generated, the job seekers are increasing in number with every passing day. Secondly agriculture is the sector for maximum job provision in the country. But it is facing severe challenges of water shortage and technological backwardness. Approximately 62 % is living in rural areas and their livelihood, somehow depends on agriculture. Unfortunately the sector is unable to provide employment according to our needs. Thirdly, industry is considered to be the paradise of employment for educated and skillful people. Pakistanís industry is short listing its labor instead of adding to its labor force because of the intense energy shortfall. Without energy, an industry is useless and its shortfall has caused a severe damage to productive capacity. The industries are being closed for days because there is no energy supply and they are unable to meet the expenses.

The problem of unemployment is becoming more and more acute. Its rate is increasing day by day. It can only be solved with the generation of new jobs in all sectors and by encouraging the talented and skillful people.

Regards :

Faraz Illahi
(DUHS) Karachi



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